I’ve spent most of my life in Prague. But I can’t come to terms with the idea of going on living within the preset and established patterns of this post-communist society. In spite of all my experiences, for many reasons, I am very proud of our country. I dream about a world that I don’t know anything about, a world full of big opportunities, a world without the borders that “my” real world knows.

Aerosmith’s US West Coast tour and meet’n’greet with the band in 1999 was the point that turned my life upside down. Coming home was very difficult for me. Deep down I longed for a different life. I wasn’t fulfilled by my work as an accountant, my current relationship, or the people around me who didn’t understand me at all.

Aerosmith motivated me to get involved in the music business. I feel a strong desire to share my emotions and to pass something on to others. Not being endowed with sufficient musical talent, I decide to pass on my thoughts through written text.

I have rich life experiences and I am increasingly aware of my own potential, especially my considerable organizing and managerial abilities. Step by step I combined all of this and gained experience in the music business at different levels.

In the past, I published a music magazine focused on the rock scene. As an external editor, I contributed to several media outlets. I hosted my own show on rock radio. I participated in the founding of a rock TV channel, for which I prepared several historical interviews. I also worked as a booking agent/producer for festival and concert promoters, as a producer for a concert agency, and as a manager/tour manager for several bands.

Having also overcome a very difficult period in my life, I feel that I want to do things differently – to do them my way. I wish to connect the two worlds that were so distant, and yet, in a way, so close to each other in my childhood. I’m ready to get to the next level through my new portal.



I truly believe we are created to be creative, to mutually share and enjoy the uniqueness and diversity of our personalities. Jealousy, envy, hypocrisy, calculation and competition aren’t in harmony with my intentions. I wish success and happiness to anyone who bets on their own potential, no matter what kind of art or background you are coming from. The most important thing is to feel there is soul, heart and honesty behind an individual intention. Life itself is the biggest and the best motivational tool. Each single story written by life is here for us to learn from and to help us move forward no matter the situation. I offer you the life stories of personalities who excel in their fields – and it’s not just about highlighting the most well-known personalities. I welcome every new inspiration and collaboration that will enrich my life. The articles focus on their work, life experience, and philosophy. The greatest fulfillment for me will be if these stories caress my readers’ souls and enrich your lives. That they motivate you and inspire you to make your own positive changes. If you unlock your hearts to stars from various fields, you are sure to open up new, unexplored spaces.


I’m very thankful for everything I’ve been through and for each person who was, is, or will be a part of my life. I’m happy to share my memories and the knowledge I have gained thanks to my diverse experience, as well as my impressions from different events and reviews of what influences and fulfills me and moves my life forward with you.


First, I’d like to introduce you to some interviews with several rock’n’roll personalities. The portal is not focused entirely on this sphere, but because of my personal experience and work background I have deep emotional ties with this genre and I will always come back to it. What inspires me is going deeper inside their minds, sharing their thoughts and achieving a more profound and complex understanding of their personalities and their work. I choose authorities who can motivate, inspire, and serve as role models for you.


I deeply respect the many personalities from different walks of life I’ve been inspired by throughout my entire life. I feel and share mutual similarities on a personal level with many of them, even though, in many cases, we have never met in person. Unfortunately, many of them are not with us anymore. While writing these stories, I always connect with and feel the spirit of the one whom I pay homage to.


There’s a desire behind every vision. It can materialize in some of them and abandon others.   The vision can change its form during the process or just grow on its own. Every life’s journey is completely different. No one owns a valid pattern with a guarantee of success. Behind the success is mostly a lot of hard work, passion, patience and the necessity of never giving up, no matter what. Here’s a space for the ones who can share the background of their successful stories and also for the ones who are just starting a new chapter.