AEROSMITH – “Dream On”


The soundtrack of my life echoing from distant horizons. With its tones, angels welcomed me at the entrance gates to this world, and they will see me off once my time comes. It’s an inseparable part of my DNA, forever tattooed in my soul. A precious messenger of love, hope, and true friendship. A spiritual guide holding a patent for the manual to life. It writes every line of my story with me. Its voice can wipe away my tears and make my heart dance. It dreams with me and gives me the courage to turn even the most daring dreams into reality. It listens to me and knows all my secrets. It gives me the patience and strength to overcome even the most difficult obstacles and not to give up, no matter the circumstances or time. It embraces me every time I need it. It helps cleanse my soul through the tears of emotion, joy, and sadness. If I find myself on the edge of life and death, it offers a helping hand and will not let me go. It shares the wisdom of life with me. It warns me of fools and enemies, and teaches me to understand their intentions. It encourages me to enjoy every moment. It walks next to me and prepares me to face challenges in any circumstances. It removes premature wrinkles from my face and heals scars. It lets me lose and pay for my sins, so that I can learn from my own mistakes and understand how to obtain victories. It knows well that the path to them is long, winding, and thorny.



Loneliness took me for a long ride and into a cold world without love, understanding, and light. An ocean of possibilities is replaced by a drying river. Torn between the good and the evil, in a world where I’m mostly regarded a naive dreamer and a weirdo, I’m desperately trying to get a foothold. I’m tired of the black and white life and of being constantly corrected and judged by fools and pseudo-intellectuals. Night after night, I curl up and try to replace the monotonous greyness of the merciless reality with the diversity of abundance, harmony, and faith. Finding myself on a journey beyond the limits of everyday life, I discover a world of endless possibilities. What more to wish for than the key to the door to fulfillment. Here’s a place in the first row of an endless show. I let myself be absorbed by the story of a film with the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen. There’s a place where the grass is greener and the water is crystal clear. I break free from the burden of earthly worries, and I’m finally myself. I forget about prejudice. No one is watching. I can shake, rattle, and roll. Be natural, wild, and unbridled. I don’t have wings, but I can fly. I see myself as I really am. I’m not followed by my own shadow or my shadow’s son. Nothing is wrong and there’s no reason to waste any more chances.

ALICE COOPER – “I Am the Future” 


I wish so much to look into the face of the future and at least for a moment see a flash of better tomorrows. I am looking for a foothold in a dream that’s changing into a nightmare, and keep asking the same questions over and over. The answers are not coming and the mirror of the future remains blurred. Reason tries to win over intuition. There’s nothing left to chase. I will not allow noise from the outside to drown out my inner voice anymore. It advises me to change my direction, to stop moving against the flow and, first of all, to find a way leading to curing the past and to understanding the highest laws. Step by step, I explore the events of my life to transform negative memories into positive experience. I’m not pointing fingers or blaming anyone. Instead, I take absolute responsibility for all my deeds. I go through purgatory and the deeper I get, the more difficult the trials I have to endure. I’m learning how to survive and save my dream. I cannot afford to stagnate or take steps back. I choose the way to my true self over the “guaranteed and tempting” but fake and overpriced guides to a “happy” life. I accept the principles of our world’s duality, and I don’t resist them. I’m not trying to hurry anything up, and step-by-step I get rid of layers of self-harm. My reward is a reborn inner force. The fog is receding, and I can clearly see my face in the mirror of the future. I rise like a phoenix from its ashes. I’m wiser and enriched with my life experience that’s been tested in my own skin. Finally, I’m determined to create my own chances and turn my dream into reality.

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