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Nowadays, the most important thing is not to panic and fear. These emotions surround us on all sides due to the current situation in the world. This is mainly associated with the quarantine state necessary to combat the Coronavirus (Covid 19). At the moment, our own beliefs about its origin or anger towards the actions of politicians and the media should not prevail. We need to internally accept the state of the situation that we cannot change at the moment. The best way is to focus on what each of us is currently capable of doing and act and create in accordance with our own mission. Even at this time, I am going to continue to support everything with good intentions. That is also why, after a short time, Idecided to contact the owner of the company NADEJE (“hope” in English], Mrs. Podhorna, again. Thanks to her activities, she is making a huge contribution to our lives. She introduced Gemmotherapy to the Czech market more than 20 years ago. (Gemmo comes from the Latin word meaning “bud”) Thanks to her products, she has helped to improve the health and quality of life of many people. I asked Mrs. Podhorna to give us some advice and recommendations. I am very happy to share them with you.

For inspiration and to ponder, I include a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


 We have created a new product FORSYTHIA MIX from herbs that allow the body to strengthen immunity. But it is mainly a composition that contains herbs with antiviral effects. Of course, we cannot say that it is for a particular virus, but it is generally for different types of viruses. The main herbs it contains are:

  • WILLOW, which has an extraordinary antiviral effect,
  • ELDERBERRY, which has been used for many problems since ancient times, but also has an antiviral effect,
  • ANDROGRAPHIS, an herb that grows in India. We grow it in our greenhouses. This herb is for various kinds of bacterial and viral problems. It is an extraordinary herb.
  • VILCACORA, (Cat’s Claw) which is raised worldwide for various kinds of health problems, including antiviral defense. The product is supplemented with Propolis.
  • PROPOLIS (a valuable product produced by bees), significantly assists in antiviral defense. It has been known for a long time to increase immunity and also to have antibacterial and antiviral effects. It is a blend of herbs that protects us from certain viruses. I can say that, so far, it seems to be very effective, and it helps the body.

 It is very important to boost immunity in the body. This is related to our mental condition, especially to avoid panic. Although it is sometimes difficult, you need to maintain positive thinking.

  • We offer tincture of the bush ELEUTHEROCCOCUS, (Siberian Ginseng) which affects the psyche and also has antiviral effects. It is an herb from this area, and it also boosts the body’s immunity. It is a very popular herb at this time.
  • ECHINACEA, which has always been an immune remedy, is also excellent for this problem.

We offer other products that are made of buds. Buds have tremendous strength in that they strengthen immunity, and also regenerate the body. Among the main ones we can include are:

  • BLACKCURRANT, also widely used in anti-allergic form. It is a remedy that also has an immense effect on immunity.
  • JUGLANS REGIA. (English Walnut)

It is also necessary to defend against different types of bacteria.

  • Many people already know that one of the best remedies is TROPAEOLUM (Nasturtium). I have recently heard an interview with a doctor who claims that most viruses in the body cause a problem, but that most of what the body is attacked by and what causes problems are bacteria. TROPAEOLUM is just one of the best remedies against bacteria,
  • ordinary CRESS, which affects both streptococci and staphylococci.
  • Also excellent is the tincture of GRAPE seed, which has a huge impact.

Two very important things for the body are strengthening immunity and clearing the system. The system is constantly clogged. Depending on how diverse organs become clogged, it causes us different health problems. Therefore, it is very important to purify the system. Physical movement and intake of more fluids contribute to this.

We have herbs that can help us a lot. And they’re the most ordinary weeds, like

  • ARCTIUM LAPPA (Greater Burdock or Beggar’s Buttons)
  • ELYMUS REPENS (commonly known as coach grass) .

In the Gemmotherapy area, we offer products that are amazingly cleansing and that pull different kinds of salts or uric acid from the body. These include the buds of BIRCH, ASH and BEECH. We always include these for cleansing. Because if we want not just to heal the system, but to help it, it is first and foremost necessary to purify it from all burdens. These remedies are also included where there is a problem with the musculoskeletal system, since concentrated uric acid is usually stored in the joints and spine. And it is necessary to dissolve and get it out of the body.

But we cannot think that we will completely cleanse the body after one month. When sediments are stored in our bodies for decades, we should gradually cleanse what we can.

The psyche is the starting point for a lot of health problems. And it is the psyche that is most important for the body to be healthy. Once it is not, it allows certain diseases to grow. It is also necessary to realize the future in the sense that, if we survive this time, we will have something nice to experience again. And take the good things with us, good things we’ve experienced in the past.

If possible, try to incorporate physical movement into life, because by physical movement, substances such as endorphins are delivered to the body, and it supports serotonin. These are substances that mentally cause us well-being.

To sum up, it is important to strengthen immunity, purify the system, supply trace elements, calm the body, exercise, use all that is given to us to survive this period. It is important to use at least the natural physical movement and possibilities that are currently available. In any case, positive thinking is very important, too, to prevent the emergence of severe diseases of modern living, which may start to arise through negative thinking.

Of course, I recommend eating fruit and vegetables. If we can go into the wild in the spring now, if it’s not right by the road, then there are herbs growing. These herbs were used about 25 years ago as a so-called California blend. They are the most ordinary weeds: NETTLE, CLOVER, DANDELION, ELYMUS REPENS (commonly known as coach grass) and MILFOIL. They are weeds which, when we collect and, of course, rinse and leach them, they purify the system tremendously, and after the winter, they give us the substances we lack. This blend can help us a lot. Twenty-five years ago, about 1,000 people in California had various health problems. They were given this blend, and after a month of use, they had overall improvement. The blend is great for cleansing and supplying trace elements. These plants are common weeds that grow all around us, and we can use them.