Everybody dreams and, to some extent, is controlled by their desires. Some dreams are completely different, while some are similar in many ways. We pass them on as information and life experience. We entrust them to each other, share them and, unfortunately, we also steal them. Dreams break human boundaries and set limits at the same time. Dreaming is beautiful, and in certain phases of life it can hold us above the surface of the river of life. A river whose strong current can swallow us whole. Dreams are most often driven by desire.

Desire can turn dreams into realistic goals. It will materialize some of them and abandon others. Desire is an integral part of our existence from the moment of birth to the moment of death. It depends on us, how we deal with desire and whether we can make the most of it. It is an impulse for us to move forward. It can slow us down, even stop us, but also take everything away from us. Hand in hand with desire we experience passion and strength, and we abound with hope and faith. Desire can express itself lovingly and seductively, but even treacherously and dangerously. We feel unruly emotions. Apparent perfection has many flaws. Desire may lead to great troubles if you replace humility and healthy self-esteem with arrogance and pride. Sometimes there’s a lot of understanding, sometimes a lot of misunderstanding. In the right conditions, desire will support us because it provides abundant health and courage. But as soon as it gets tired, it will get sick with an illness that’s hard to recover from. Ultimately, wounds that are difficult to heal will turn into permanent scars. Once a winner, another time a loser – desire often wins over itself, yet from time to time it acts as a coward. The patience that’s necessary to succeed is not always there. Desire is behind everything, but it’s never alone.

Thousands of pages can be written about desire, as well as about stars or anything other topic for that matter. I chose it as an example of versatility. It may seem to be secluded, even forgotten. Although it comes in as many forms as there are stars in the sky. Many don’t make use of versatility because of a fear of expressing themselves, or because they succumb to being put into a box. Then they soon bury their inner self-longing to play, be pampered, and develop. They waste time with banalities and waste energy with memories of forced opinions. Due to the inability to understand all of it, they give way to pain and sadness. Overwhelmed by panic and the fear of ageing or illness, they unlock the door into their souls in a negative sense. They kill their own potential, surviving under the weight of shackles. They cast their true self in a dark prison, where light falls only rarely. They compromise and give up on their own desires and dreams.

On the other hand, many can take perfect advantage of versatility. They play with different forms and don’t let others put them into one box. Instead of fear and prejudice, they are led by intuition and creative power. They don’t allow voices from the outside to shout down their inner voice. They enrich our lives. Their work provides us with joy and a flood of hope and positive energy. Life is a game for them and they look on it from above.

Their soul has room for expression, it draws ideas from an endless well of inspiration. Stars are sometimes surprised at how far they are allowed to go. They don’t give up. Even the toughest obstacles won’t put them off. They keep working on themselves and don’t stand in one place for a long time. They make the most of their potential and can work with their shortcomings. They don’t change them into complexes. Between the lines, they transmit to us a wise life motto: “make your weaknesses your strengths and make your strengths a temple!” Their inner child can breathe freely and keeps on sharing the energy of youth with delight. They enjoy every stage of life and look forward to getting old. They know well that they can create and carry out their dreams before their valuable time expires.

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