I am a writer and publisher inviting you to come with me on a journey, an adventure and the delights of inspiration and understanding. Together we can enjoy and learn from many of the wonderful human beings who share this planet with us, people who have contributed to the pleasure and wellbeing of others, people who often have risen above the odds to create something extraordinary.


I believe we are all created to be creative, to mutually share and enjoy the uniqueness and diversity of our personalities. Life itself is the biggest and the best motivational tool. Each single story I share with you is written by life and is here for us to learn from and help us move forward, no matter the situation we are in.


I offer you unique, timeless stories of personalities from different walks of life. What inspires me is to go deep within their minds, sharing their thoughts and achieving more complex and profound understanding of their personalities and the unique contribution each has made. The stories are complex, in-depth and focus on their work, life experience and philosophy.


I enjoy sharing my memories and the knowledge I have gained through wide ranging experience with you, as well as my impressions from different events and reviews of what influences and fulfills me and moves my life forward.


In the past, I published a music magazine, focused on the rock scene. As a freelance editor, I contributed to several media outlets. I hosted my own show and also co-hosted shows on diverse rock radio stations. I participated in the founding of a rock TV channel for which I prepared several history interviews. I also worked as a booking agent/producer for festival and concert promoters, as a producer for a concert agency, and as a manager/tour manager for several bands.


Thanks to my personal experience and work background, I have deep emotional ties with rock music. This portal is not focused entirely on personalities from that sphere, but I will always dedicate a large space to this genre.


I hope you enjoy the journey.



– digital form (minimum 12 A4 pages, language versions: English and Czech)