Dorothee Pesch, known as DORO in the world of music, became most popular in the second half of the 1980s with her founding of WARLOCK. At that time, men dominated the heavy metal scene. She built a stable position on the scene within a very short period. She gained the respect of her fellow musicians from the very beginning. In various corners of the world, she created a very strong fan base immediately after the release of her debut album Burning the Witches (1984); her fans have remained loyal to her to date. WARLOCK released their first 3 albums in Europe. This was quickly followed by their first major successes, but disappointment also followed afterwards. DORO recorded her third album under pressure. She yearned for a change and pursued her next dream. She embarked on a fateful journey to New York, where she worked on her next studio album.

She signs a recording contract with the American record label Mercury Records and her popularity skyrockets. For DORO, the album Triumph and Agony (1987) meant an absolute turning point in her life and, at the same time, it turned out to be the most successful album of her career. MTV, the biggest music station in the world, started airing two songs from Triumph and Agony – the rock anthem “All We Are” and the German-English ballad “Für Immer.” For the fans, she became the Queen of heavy metal music. She gets offers to participate in big world tours and the biggest festivals. In 1986, she performed as the first female musician ever with the biggest rock bands in the world at the legendary Monsters of Rock Festival in Donnington, UK in front of 120,000 rapturous fans. DORO manages to do something that many musicians, not just in Europe, secretly dream of. Something that no other European rock/metal singer has achieved until now. Thanks to her incredible merchandise sales, she enjoys a position in sales charts right next to rock legends like IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA.

DORO had dreamed of becoming a singer since the age of 3. She intuitively pursued her feelings. She never had any doubts about her journey and nothing stopped her at all. Not even an insidious disease that afflicted her at the young age of 16. She was diagnosed with a form of tuberculosis, due to which she spent almost one year in the hospital. She was facing the most important crossroads: life or death. And her chances were truly 50:50. The disease made her resolve to become a singer even stronger. The choice was clear – if she left the hospital alive and well, she would sing until she died. DORO won this difficult battle. The battle for survival gave her the strength to overcome the worst obstacles, not to give up and to keep moving forward.

At the time of her greatest fame, DORO had to face the fact that she was losing the name and logo of the WARLOCK band, which she had founded herself from nothing. The manager at the time perfectly exploited the trust and passion of these inexperienced, young musicians. The situation hit the entire band and DORO had to come to terms with the departure of the band members. This did not deter her and she went on to a build a solo band under the name DORO, with which she is still performing to date in spite of several personnel changes. She got back the copyright to the name WARLOCK after more than 20 years. Due to the long-term history with her solo band, she ultimately decided to never return to the initial name. DORO is keeping the name WARLOCK close to her for exceptional opportunities only, like the recent tour to mark the 30th anniversary of the release of Triumph and Agony.

For her 10,000,000 music records sold, DORO has received several platinum and gold awards. In 2013, she was greatly honored at the “Golden Gods Awards” in London’s O2 Arena, where she received the first ever “Legends-Awards” prize. Her status of living legend and her unique journey in the music sphere was symbolically sealed.