Juan Braun was born as Jan Richard Braun on South Moravia in Brno. When he was four years old, his parents, his sister and he moved to Argentina. He graduated from three universities, including one of the most prestigious American universities in Stanford, California. He holds degrees as a journalist, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and an expert in social communication. He managed to get a post as a professor at Harvard, one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Juan comes from a Catholic family, but this religious direction has not become essential to his life. Later he came to Buddhism, which most appealed to him as a philosophical direction. He traveled to 190 countries around the world, working in fifty of them, as well as cooperating with various humanitarian institutions. He started as a writer in Ecuador and is the author of over 30 novels available in Czech, English or Spanish. He is the author of books of fiction and political commentary on happenings in Latin America.

In the list of roles, Juan chose on his life journey, one is essential. In essence, Juan is an adventurer, and it would be hard for anyone in this life to make him permanently settle at one place. He did not anchor in marriage even though he married a beautiful and wealthy woman with whom he had started a family. He has two children with his ex-wife Estela -daughter Patricia and son Juan Ricardo. He constantly meets beautiful, interesting and very influential women, many of whom have become his temporary lovers and partners. But the only fixed star in his life is freedom. He would never change that for anything else in this world. He learnt it is important to have money and support, but at the same time he understood that money is not the most import thing in life.

He has proven himself capable of success in various spheres, including the highest social strata. He was connected with the most powerful people, with whom he has maintained long-standing ties. Juan gained a lot of interesting experience through his life and happened to get many important positions, which for many would mean guarantees of certainty, an ordinary mortal would probably never give up. His adventurous nature and the desire to learn and try new things are driving him constantly further.

Juan Braun is proof that if life is not taken too seriously and is approached with ease, even the most demanding paths are easier to follow. His lifestyle and attitude also show that it is the choice of each of us who we become in life, and what role or even more we choose in life. He does not belong among the orthodox devotees and takes whatever appeals to him from every area of his life. Thanks to its openness, he also arouses controversial reactions, which he does not care about. Just as it is no problem for him to spread opinions that are essentially contradictory. He was able to connect two worlds that are diametrically different, and whose mutual existence is not realistic for many reasons. He was a part of the highest social strata and, at the same time, in the lowest. Juan Braun’s story is varied, unusual and inspiring in many ways.